We Live in Perilous Times. We’re Here to Help.

We’re entering a new world. As the pandemic ravages the planet, life continues to shift. And as if the pandemic were not enough, the climate crisis continues mostly unabated. Those that are striving not to give into doom-and-gloom nihilism are looking desperately for solutions, and hope.

Just as the vaccines that have come to market in record time prove that human innovation has not dulled, there are solutions out there, even for the climate crisis we believe.

In the past, Jonathan Wexler served high profile computer software companies mostly out of Montréal, including Autodesk, Genetec, Moment Factory and even briefly for artificial intelligence company Element AI. Now technical prowess should be more focused on the pandemic, the climate crisis, and the other worldwide existential problems we face as humans, and those to do with the nature that sustains us, not the least of which is biodiversity loss.

We look past concepts such as ESG (Environmental, Social Governance) to a world more in balance, prosperous for all its inhabitants, and more in tune with nature while using the highest technology possible: example, Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines.

If your organization or company needs communications work, trust this to Jonathan Wexler, who graduated with a Communication Studies degree from Concordia University—considered the best of its kind in Canada, and his global contacts.

Much more to come as we get our bearings in this braver new world