A New Beginning

From longtime Canadian-based technical writer Jonathan Wexler, comes a new vision.

Like Leonard Cohen sings I’ve tried them all: meaning current platforms mostly out of Silicon Valley. While these remain important, we, at Wexler Communications, are looking to new mostly open source options like Mastodon on the Fediverse, and the Discourse Forum software, to spread your good news.

Both good writing and editing as well as powerful software and hardware infrastructure are key to what we offer. For example, we are currently consolidating our virtual private servers on DigitalOcean with the amazing Berlin-based open source oriented cloud/server app software Cloudron.

What can we do for you?

The question is more like what can’t we do for you. From building and even hosting your website, to writing and editing blog posts, website content, and software user guides, to any other work that involves communication and technology in some way, you have found the right spot.

We take a look at whatever problem you may be facing and first offer a free consultation, before drawing up a proposal for work, a project plan, and set of deliverables.

What makes us unique?

Having worked in newspaper publishing, to television production, to software and website development, and everything in between, Jonathan Wexler, as head of Wexler Communications, can get up to speed quickly to understand your project needs, gather the required resources whether human or technological, and come back to you with ways to ease your organization’s burdens.

Contact Jonathan at jonwexler@protonmail.com to find out more.

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